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naga yantra kavach

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Naga Yantra Pendant - Kavach
Sacred Geometry of Nagas

From beginning to end, each yantra pendant is created in ceremony/puja using one of the most ancient and sacred method of creating amulet jewelry. The yantra pendants are then braided using organic hemp wax string with their individual mantra, and giving an extra puja before shipped off. They are highly potent and you will see results right away. They have only been touched by my hands and Shakti. 

Yantra Pendants are custom made per individual and will take 2-3 weeks for proper rituals.

Naga Yantra Pendant - Kavach/Taviz

Call in the protective and transformative power of divine serpent energy with our Naga Yantra Pendant, exquisitely crafted from .999 fine silver. This sacred pendant, serving as both a Kavach (shield) and Taviz (amulet), harnesses the potent energies of the Naga (serpent deities), known for their profound spiritual significance, protective capabilities, and ability to bestow wealth and abundance.

Ultimate Protection and Shield:
Nagas, or serpent deities, are revered across many ancient traditions for their unparalleled protective powers. The Naga Yantra inscribed on this pendant acts as an energetic shield, safeguarding you from negativity, harm, and malevolent forces. It serves as a powerful amulet that envelops your aura with divine protection, ensuring that you remain safe and secure at all times.

Mystical and Transformative Energy:
Nagas are symbols of transformation and rebirth. The Naga Yantra Pendant channels this transformative energy, helping you undergo personal and spiritual metamorphosis. By wearing this pendant, you align with the divine force that assists in shedding old patterns, rejuvenating yourself, and emerging stronger and more enlightened.

Removal of Obstacles and Unveiling Secrets:
Naga deities are also known for their wisdom and their ability to reveal hidden truths and secrets. The powerful yantra on this pendant aids in the removal of obstacles, both seen and unseen. It illuminates your path with divine knowledge, making difficult decisions clearer and complex situations more navigable. This is an ideal talisman for those seeking to unveil occult secrets and insights.

Blessings of Wealth and Prosperity:
In various spiritual traditions, Nagas are also associated with hidden treasures and wealth. The Naga Yantra Pendant attracts the blessings of riches and material abundance into your life. Wearing this pendant aligns you with the mystic energies of the Nagas, ensuring a continuous flow of wealth, prosperity, and financial opportunities. It is an essential talisman for those looking to enhance their financial success and attract affluence.

Health, Healing, and Vitality:
Nagas hold significant healing power in various spiritual traditions. The Naga Yantra Pendant serves as a conduit for this healing energy, promoting physical health, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Wearing this pendant can help you maintain vitality and well-being, fostering a balanced life filled with positive energy and strength.

Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini Activation:
The Naga Yantra is deeply connected with the concept of Kundalini energy, the coiled serpent energy believed to reside at the base of the spine. This sacred pendant aids in the awakening and activation of Kundalini, facilitating profound spiritual experiences and higher states of consciousness. It supports your spiritual journey, helping you reach deeper levels of meditation and self-realization.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Divine Connection:
Crafted from .999 fine silver, each Naga Yantra Pendant is designed with meticulous precision to harness and amplify the divine energies. The sacred geometry of the yantra encapsulates the essence of the Nagas, ensuring that the pendant serves as a powerful tool for spiritual and physical protection, transformation, and prosperity.

Continuous Blessings and Divine Guidance:
Wearing the Naga Yantra Kavach provides a continuous stream of blessings and guidance from the serpent deities. It acts as your constant companion, offering wisdom, protection, prosperity, and divine support through all of life’s challenges and endeavors. Adorn this pendant daily to experience the ever-present power and guidance of the Nagas.

Align with the mystical and protective power of the Naga Yantra Pendant. Let it serve as your shield and guide, offering unparalleled protection, profound transformation, wealth, and divine wisdom. Wear this sacred Kavach to invoke the blessings and strength of the Naga deities, enhancing your journey towards enlightenment, well-being, and affluence.

    naga yantra kavach
    naga yantra kavach
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