Throat Chakra Ritual

Throat Chakra Ritual

Create a environment with the 5 elements:

Candles (fire), Incense (air), Yoni Steam (earth), Bath Tub Water and /or Boiled water for steam (water), and Mantra “Hum” for Throat Chakra (either)



Boil your water and add your yoni steam herbs while boiling so it’s nice and potent after about 3-5 mins of boiling, open lid and breath in the steam into your lungs/throat. While exhaling chant Soooo Hummmm (I am that). Hum or Ham is also the seed sound or bija mantra for the throat chakra. Do this as long as needed.


If steam cools down, reheat.


Find your comfortable space that your set up with your elements, wrap yourself from throat to toes in blanket or yoni steam robe and stem. Inhaling deeply and exhaling “Sooooo Hummmm”. Visualizing your throat clearing and expanding. Seeing yourself in your truth.



After, run a nice warm bath (elements included), drop your bath bomb, lay in your bath and continue your visualization. While soaking in bath, try some neck stretches, singing, and humming.


Include this:


Inhale through the nose

Open eyes wide

Stick tongue out and roar when breathing out



P.s. your yoni is linked to your throat and mouth



Enjoy the experience….

Sleep well.