Ayurvedic Tantrik Breast Massage

Ayurvedic Tantrik Breast Massage

A Ayurvedic- Tantrik breast massage helps release toxins, fats, and the collection of excess subtle energies and hormones which are the freed through the lymph system. It can also be a way of arousal and is a major turn when done in a sensual way with tantrik breath and feather light stokes.

Note: as feminine body your start with the left side. Move clockwise.

Pressure points/marma you should know:

1 )Karna-  behind the earlobe

2) Arshak- stroke down of the neck point on the top surface of the collar bone where it joins the breast bone (sternum). Repeat 3-4x’s then do right side. Turn head slight left, using thumb press along collar bone towards chest bone 2x’s. Then do other side.

3) Apalpa- Armpit gentle clockwise motion. circle and pressure. 3-7x’s. repeat on other side.

4) Hridayam- four fingers width below the chest bone. press and release 3-7x’s. This point grants us a more pleasurable connection to our bodies and the world around us.

5) Apastambha- approximately 1.5 inches blow and to the left and/or right of Hridayam. This point helps our body to release sadness, grief, trauma, ancestral wounds, and emotions. It also balances energy in the lungs.

6) Dayam- Roughly nipple level, midway on the sternum. Clockwise rotation, light pressing. Relieves depression.

Before this practice you want to set the mood, light candles, have incense, warm towels, ring a bell, and call on your spirit team. You can hold a lotus mudra while looking in the mirror. Whisper in your lotus mudra all that you want to release from your heart center. When you feel ready, begin your breast massage by staring with Karna. Once your arrive at Apastambha, feel all the wounds, traumas, self sabotage, and all the things being released from your heart center. After these points are done, you can now get sensual, slithery, and sexy with your massage. Close with Apalpa, from there go into lotus mudra, sending energies out through your fingers tips. Place your hands on your heart- sending and receiving love, peace, and forgiveness.

Photo is in this blog is a powerful heart mudra called Hridaya Mudra. You may use this mudra instead of lotus mudra. If you're wanting a more inward journey.